There are many ways to classify lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Labels: (1) Classified by battery plate structure: formed, pasted and tubular batteries;    (2) Classified by battery cover and structure: open type, exhaust type, acid-proof explosion-proof type and sealed valve Controlled battery;    (3) Classified by battery maintenance methods: there are ordinary, low maintenance, and maintenance-free batteries. (4) According to my country's relevant standards, the main battery products are:    Starting batteries: mainly used for starting and lighting cars, tractors, diesel engines, ships, etc.;    fixed batteries: mainly used for communications, power plants, and computer systems as protection and automatic Back-up power supply for control;    traction battery: mainly used for various power sources such as battery cars, forklifts, forklifts, etc.;    railway battery: mainly used for the power of railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger car starting, and lighting;    motorcycle batteries: Mainly used for the starting and lighting of various specifications of motorcycles;    coal mine battery: mainly used for electric locomotive traction power supply;    energy storage battery: mainly used for wind and hydroelectric power storage.
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