There are 4 major problems in the battery industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
There are four major problems in the industry. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that the current lead-acid battery industry mainly has the following problems: first, there are a large number of small and micro enterprises, and environmental protection facilities are backward; second, pure commodity plate manufacturers cause great pollution; Most enterprises have low level of technology and equipment; fourth, poor management of enterprises causes environmental pollution.  According to the reporter's understanding, most of the small and micro-enterprises in the lead storage battery industry are assembly companies, with low technical difficulties and low capital thresholds, insufficient investment in production equipment and environmental protection facilities, and an incomplete occupational health protection system. Some small family workshop-style assembling companies even have incomplete licenses, and the product quality is not guaranteed, causing pollution accidents from time to time.  Industry insiders especially emphasized to reporters that the production process of purely commercial plates must use external chemical conversion technology, and the amount of lead-containing wastewater generated is more than ten times that of internal chemical conversion. In the process of packaging and circulation of commodity plates, a large number of lead-containing wastes such as packaging boxes and plastic bags are generated, which cannot be recycled through traditional recycling channels. Most companies can only incinerate them, causing the spread of lead pollution. A person from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that, as far as the industry is concerned, most small enterprises have relatively weak battery production technology and equipment. They still use open lead melting pots, open lead powder machines, open and paste machines, and manual plate casting and manual transmission. Outdated equipment and processes such as powder and external chemical conversion are likely to cause pollution to the environment. At the same time, most companies do not follow standard management. In order to reduce production costs, they deliberately idle their internal environmental protection and occupational health protection facilities, which also causes environmental pollution and excessive blood lead of employees.  Industry restructuring is unavoidable   According to public data from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in response to environmental issues, since 2010, 1962 lead-related companies have been investigated, 736 have been banned and closed, and more than 800 companies have been naturally shut down and the environmental protection department has requested suspension of production for rectification.   Yan Jingjun, deputy director of the Emergency Management Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that there are currently 412 lead-related companies in China that are still producing. Excluding those companies that simply recycle lead, 319 are producing battery-related products. In addition to banning and remediation, there are currently 70 enterprises under construction.   Yan Jingjun believes that the overall production capacity of lead-acid batteries still far exceeds actual demand. Through rectification, the industrial structure of the company has been optimized, which has accelerated the optimization and upgrading and sustainable development of the lead-acid battery industry, and can effectively prevent large-scale pollution incidents.   The person in charge of a leading lead-acid battery company told reporters that lead-acid batteries are prone to cause serious pollution during the production and handling process. Only equipped with high-end equipment and strict environmental protection measures can safe and green production. The cost of introducing environmental protection facilities is high, and it is difficult for SMEs to bear. On the one hand, there are energy-saving and emission-reduction target constraints. On the other hand, the national policy to raise the entry threshold of the lead-acid battery industry will inevitably prompt the lead-acid battery industry to increase its concentration.   Cao Guoqing, deputy secretary-general of the China Battery Industry Association, believes that the purpose of the current national policy is to reverse the current situation of overcapacity and low-level competition of lead-acid batteries. In this sense, fierce competition and industry restructuring are inevitable.  Achieving a green transformation is an inevitable trend  For a long time, lead-acid batteries have given the impression of serious pollution. However, industry insiders told reporters that this understanding is not comprehensive.
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