The working principle of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Label: The total electrochemical reaction of lead-acid batteries is: PbO2+2H2SO4+PbPbSO4+2H2O+PbSO4 anode active material electrolyte cathode active material anode water cathode lead-acid battery discharge, the lead dioxide in the anode and the sponge in the cathode The lead reacts with the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte into lead sulfate and water, which converts chemical energy into electrical energy and releases it. When the lead-acid battery is charged, the lead sulfate at the anode and the anode is converted into lead dioxide and spongy lead respectively, which converts electrical energy into chemical energy for storage. However, at the end of charging or overcharging, the overpotential of the chemical reaction between the anode and the anode increases, and the side reactions of the negative electrode producing hydrogen and the positive electrode producing oxygen will be dominant. Based on the mechanism that oxygen starts to be produced when the positive electrode's state of charge reaches 70%, and the negative electrode starts to produce hydrogen when its state of charge reaches 90%, through optimized design and the use of lead-calcium alloys, the oxygen produced on the positive electrode can quickly be as active on the negative electrode. The substance reacts to produce water, and the internal circulation of oxygen is realized. At the same time, the hydrogen precipitation overpotential is increased, so that the charge state of the negative electrode is always less than 90%, and the precipitation of hydrogen is well removed. This is the basic working principle of lead-acid batteries.
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