The use of solar battery and maintenance-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-25
1. Optimum temperature 15 ~ 20 ℃ for 2. Solar battery connection method is: will the solar battery positive electrode connected to the positive and negative and the cathode. This solar battery power will be doubled, and voltage with a solar battery voltage. Solar battery polarity column must not short circuit ( Meet) 。 3. For new installations or refurbished after the first solar battery charging, charging for a long time, as the initial charge, 1/10 should be according to the rated capacity of charging current. Before the installation must be measured whether the battery is enough, such as the shortage of power in sunny places to 8 battery & ndash; 16 hours to charge or the battery is enough, first with the alternating current (ac) should strictly avoid discharge charge. With alternating current (ac) normal charging, had better use graded charging ways, namely, at the beginning of the charging with constant current charge, large current charge to the charging pressure and constant pressure after a certain time to switch to the conventional way of constant pressure and discharge. 12 v12ah solar battery 4. Keep the battery itself clean. Installed solar battery column should be coated with vaseline, prevent corrosion column. 5. For solar battery configuration management technology, on-line monitoring for solar battery internal resistance on-line measurement and analysis, timely find the defects of battery, timely maintenance. 6. Frosty winter prevent solar battery. Avoid direct sunlight, summer should be put in ventilated gloomy and cold place the solar battery.
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