The use of sealed lead-acid battery -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
Sealed lead-acid battery using pure sulfuric acid as electrolyte aqueous solution, its density is 1. 29 - 1. 3lg/cm3。 In addition to plate inside some of the electrolyte absorption, most of its exists in glass fiber membrane. Colloid sealed lead-acid battery electrolyte is match into the silicon sol and sulphuric acid, the concentration of a solution of sulfuric acid is lower than AGM battery type, usually is 1. 26 ~ 1. 28g/cm3。 The amount of electrolyte is 20% more than AGM battery type, with rich fluid type battery. This electrolyte with colloidal state exists, and is in full of the diaphragm between the cathode, surrounded by the sulfuric acid by gel electrolyte, not out of the battery. Recent research indicates that the improved gel electrolyte formula, control the size of colloidal particles, with the hydrophilic polymer additives, lower adhesive solution concentration higher permeability and affinity of plate, the filling vacuum technology, compound clapboard or AGM partition to replace rubber plate, improve the battery fluid absorption; Cancel cell sedimentation tank, moderately increasing the plate area is the content of active material, the result can make the sealing colloid battery discharge capacity at or near the level of open type lead-acid battery.
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