The use of hand-held battery internal resistance capacity analyzer method-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-21
Product features 1, can realize connection resistance test, determine the stand or fall of the connectivity of the battery, fully online measurement, easy to use. 2, data processing of intelligent instrument for full Chinese operation interface and analysis software, use more simple and convenient maintenance personnel carries on the analysis and processing. 3, using the standard resistance test method, electric wire, electric current line and line of the data acquisition, effectively reduce the error of the contact resistance 4, fault alarm, battery malfunction in time. When the detection of internal resistance and voltage beyond the upper limit or below the lower limit of set, voice and text instrument alarm prompt. 5, good repeatability and stability of the instrument, repeat the test within 3%; the stability of the Test signal for the dc 42 more than a large signal, to ensure that the test accuracy; Large signal test can effectively resist the battery test environment ripple interference; 6, measuring parameters of high precision, strong anti-interference, high reliability and repeatability. Storage battery charging and discharging waveform and switching noise basically does not affect precision of resistance. 7, a one-time voltage, resistance and connection resistance test, embody full testing of all parameters of the battery; A one-time key indicators of test, improve the test efficiency; 8, test speed, each unit testing time is not more than 3 seconds, more than 10000 pick up test data can be stored. 9, analysis software can automatically generate a variety of test reports, statements, voltage, resistance and to estimate the capacity of the column chart, and the change trend of monomer battery diagram and data table, etc. 10, analysis software can also be customized according to user's actual need some function. 11, low power consumption, rechargeable batteries, screen display power supply battery, can work continuously for 6 hours. The main function of 1, measurable monomer battery voltage, resistance, connection resistance, capacity. 2, can be offline testing, online testing, two test methods will not affect the test results. 3, can be automatically calculated battery capacity, can measure 2 v, 6 v, 12 v battery wait for a variety of specifications, range 0 6000AH。 4, has the wrong wiring, abnormal cells, such as battery failure alarm function. 5, with automatic test and manual test, voltage test and retest test mode 6 and 9 can set different mode of battery parameters, convenient testing different types of batteries. 7, with analysis software, can communicate with a PC, you can analyze the test data, include: voltage, internal resistance, connecting resistance, capacity data tables, histograms and battery changing trend chart. 8, can according to the computer room/site name, battery, battery type, type, manufacturer, and date of installation and other dynamic classification history data, stored and maintained in order to compare and call history data at any time.
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