The use and maintenance of batteries Zhejiang Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

  Use and maintenance of Zhejiang battery factory

   Although the maintenance-free battery does not require manual maintenance during use, there are still certain requirements during use. Improper use will affect the life of the battery.

  The following factors affect the battery life: installation, temperature, charging and discharging current, charging voltage, depth of discharge, and long-term charging.

  1) Battery installation

   The battery should be installed in a clean, cool, ventilated and dry place as much as possible, and Avoid being affected by sunlight, heaters or other radiant heat sources. The battery should be placed upright and not inclined at an angle. The terminal connection between each battery should be firm.

  2) Ambient temperature

   The ambient temperature has a greater impact on the battery. If the ambient temperature is too high, the battery will be overwhelmed. Charging produces gas, and the ambient temperature is too low, so

   will make the battery undercharge, which will affect the battery life. Therefore, the ambient temperature is generally required to be around 25°C, and the floating charge voltage value of Santak UPS is also set according to this temperature.

  3) Charge and discharge current

   Battery charge and discharge current is generally expressed by C, the actual value of C and battery capacity related. For example, if it is a 100AH u200bu200bbattery: Cu003d100A. The best charging current of Panasonic lead-acid maintenance-free batteries is about 0.1C, and the charging current must not be greater than 0.3C. Excessive or too small charging current will affect the battery life. The discharge current is generally required to be 0.05~3C. The UPS can meet this requirement in normal use, but it is also necessary to prevent accidents, such as battery short-circuits.

  4) Charging voltage

   Because the UPS battery is a standby mode of operation, the mains is in the charging state under normal conditions, only It will only be discharged when the power is cut off. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, the charger of Santak UPS is generally controlled by constant voltage and current limiting. After the battery is fully charged, it will be turned into a floating charge state, and the floating charge voltage of each cell is set to about 13.7V. If the charging voltage is too high, the battery will be overcharged, and vice versa, the battery will be undercharged. Abnormal charging voltage may be caused by incorrect battery configuration or malfunction of the charger. Therefore, when installing the battery, be sure to pay attention to the correctness of the battery specifications and quantity, and do not mix batteries of different specifications and different batch numbers. Do not use inferior chargers for external chargers, and consider heat dissipation issues when installing.

  5) Depth of discharge

   The depth of discharge has a great impact on the battery life. The deeper the depth of discharge, The fewer cycles it uses, so deep discharge should be avoided during use. Although Shante UPS has a battery low-potential protection function, generally when a single battery is discharged to about 10.5V, the UPS will automatically shut down, but if the UPS is under light load discharge or no-load discharge, it will also cause deep battery discharge. .

  6) Regular maintenance

   The battery should be checked regularly after a certain period of use, such as observing whether its appearance is abnormal, Measure whether the voltage of each battery is average, etc.; if there is no power failure for a long time, the battery will always be in a charged state, which will make the battery's activity worse. Therefore, even if the power is not cut off, the UPS needs to conduct regular discharge tests to keep the battery active.

  The discharge test can generally be carried out once every three months. The method is to load the UPS-preferably above 50[%], and then disconnect the mains power to make the UPS at< /p>

  In the battery discharge state, the discharge duration is generally from a few minutes to tens of minutes depending on the battery capacity. After the discharge, the mains power supply is restored and the battery continues to be charged. Contact: 18038382979


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