The unique properties of organic polymer solar cells are expected to open up niche market opportunities

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
Organic solar cells have brought great hope to the photovoltaic industry, but the road to commercialization is still long. The commercialization of organic polymer solar cells (PSC) has been stagnant due to the high price of raw materials, short service life and low conversion efficiency. But their light weight, transparency, flexibility, and roll-to-roll production characteristics show potential niche market opportunities. 'Renewable and Sustainable Energy' magazine recently published a research report titled 'Polymer Solar Cells: P3HT: PCBMOne of the authors of the article, Paul Berger of Ohio State University in the United States, said that due to the flexible nature of PSC, it can be placed on almost any object. There is no need for high-voltage transmission lines, and it can replace toxic batteries to provide power to point-of-use devices. 'This is a disruptive business model.' Polymers can be dissolved in solvents and printed through economically viable roll-to-roll production. The flexible backing makes this technology particularly attractive. Packaging PSC to prevent rapid degradation can solve the problem of its short economic life, but this process is very effective when used on glass, and it is more difficult on flexible surfaces. The current laboratory efficiency of PSC is about 13%, which is far lower than the 20% efficiency of commercial solar panels. But recent developments in chemistry, geometry, and multilayer solar cells have made it possible to increase efficiency.
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