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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-28
The average battery/lead-acid battery is made up of positive and negative plate, plate, shell, electrolyte and wiring and other components of the pile head, the discharge of chemical reactions is depend on the positive plate active substances ( Lead dioxide and lead) And the negative plate active substances ( Spongy pure lead) In the electrolyte ( Dilute sulphuric acid solution) Under the role of, of which the plate grid frame, traditional battery lead antimony alloy, maintenance-free battery is made of lead calcium alloy, the former with antimony, the latter with calcium, which is fundamental to both the mark. Different material can produce different phenomena: traditional battery will happen in the process of using liquid reducing phenomenon, this is because the gate frame of antimony can lead pollution on the negative plate spongiform pure, weakened after fully charged battery in the counter electromotive force, caused by excessive water decomposition, a large number of oxygen and hydrogen escape from the positive and negative plates respectively, reduce the electrolyte. Use calcium instead of antimony, can change the counter electromotive force after fully charged battery, reduce charging flow, liquid vaporization rate reduce, thereby reducing the loss of the electrolyte. Due to the free maintenance battery USES lead calcium alloy grid frame, charging when the water quantity is little, low moisture evaporation, coupled with the outer seal structure, the acid gases released is very few, so it is compared with the traditional battery, do not need to add any liquid, pile head for wiring, wire less corrosion, overcharge resistance is strong, large starting current, power advantages of long storage time. Maintenance-free battery because of its under normal charging voltage, electrolyte to produce only small amounts of gases, plate has a strong ability to resist charging, and has a small internal resistance, cold starting performance is good, than conventional battery service life is long, etc, and therefore does not need to add distilled water, throughout the duration in the charging system under normal circumstances, do not need to supplement charge from removed. But at the time of maintenance to the proportion of the electrolyte. The 12 v battery most free maintenance and maintenance-free battery has a hole in the lid shape liquid ( Temperature compensation type) Hydrometer, it will change its color according to the variation of the proportion of the electrolyte. Can indicate the battery state of store electricity and the height of the electrolyte level. When hydrometer indicator green eye, which indicates that charging is enough, storage battery normal; When instructed eye little green dots or black, highlights the need for charging battery; When indicates the eye light yellow, indicates a battery internal fault, needs to be repaired or replaced. Conditional, available with the free maintenance battery current - Charge the battery by voltage characteristic of charging equipment. The device can ensure adequate electricity, and can avoid overcharge and consume more water. General from the factory to use this kind of free maintenance battery can store 10 months, its voltage and capacitance remains the same, poor quality in the factory about 3 months after the voltage and capacitance will fall. Choose when buy is 3 months from the date of production, you can check the battery voltage and capacitance on the spot whether meet the requirements of the directions, if there is a decrease in the voltage and capacitance of the material is bad, it is inside so that the quality of the battery must also not line, it is possible that water battery after charging distributor in disguise.
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