The storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
Photovoltaics rely on a large number of lead-acid batteries for energy storage, and the production process of lead-acid batteries will cause a lot of lead pollutants, which not only has a bad impact on the environment, but also harms the health of workers. It is necessary to improve battery production technology and strengthen battery recycling supervision .   Photovoltaics is an advanced distributed energy source that can reduce the cost of electricity transportation on a large scale. But from a practical point of view, the domestic photovoltaic power plants invested and built are so happy, you chase me. Today your province has the largest installed capacity in the country, and tomorrow our province will overtake your province to build the country's largest photovoltaic power station. In fact, the utilization rate and acceptance rate of photovoltaic power plants have not reached this level. Under the influence of external conditions such as falling photovoltaic subsidies and high feed-in tariffs, the photovoltaic industry has serious overcapacity.   The storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. When the ammeter pointer shows that the battery is insufficient, charge it in time. Sometimes it is found that the battery is not enough on the road, and the engine can’t start when it stops. As a temporary measure, you can ask other vehicles for help. Use the batteries on other vehicles to start the vehicle. Connect the negative and negative electrodes of the two batteries, and the positive and positive electrodes. .   In daily driving, always check whether the small holes on the battery cover are ventilated. If the small holes on the battery cover are blocked, the hydrogen and oxygen generated can not be discharged. When the electrolyte expands, the battery shell will be broken and the battery life will be affected.
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