The specific charging method of colloidal lead-acid battery colloid

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
The starter colloidal lead-acid battery uses water-soluble silica sol to be added to the internalized battery. Through a specific charging method, the electrolyte is gelled and the related performance of the battery is improved.   In recent years, as competition in the domestic electric bicycle market has intensified, lead-acid power batteries, which are the core components of electric vehicles, have become increasingly homogenized and have been unable to meet the market needs of high-end brand electric vehicle manufacturers and first-line dealers. In response to this, after market research, a research and development strategy of 'eliminating homogeneity and finding differentiation' was proposed.   Energy storage devices are an important part of the national new energy revolution policy. Energy conservation and emission reduction are inseparable, regional energy security is inseparable, and smart grids are inseparable. Experts at the meeting believed that the starter gel-sealed lead battery is mainly used for automobile starting, and this technology can also be applied to energy storage and other fields. It belongs to the new energy industry, reduces environmental pollution, conforms to the national industrial policy, and its technology has reached the leading domestic level. Level. The launch of the starter gel lead-acid battery has attracted the attention of many well-known domestic electric bicycle manufacturers and first-line dealers.
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