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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-25
The fundamental role of the battery: launch vehicles and provide auxiliary power supply before the start of the full text, we first to know about the role of battery. The vehicle's battery, also known as the battery, it is a chemical energy into electricity equipment. Its purpose is to supply the engine power, when ready to launch vehicle, supply power to the starter battery will discharge, and by the starter drive the flywheel, crankshaft, and launch vehicles. The engine power supply is insufficient or did not start the car with electric power source such as a sound system, lighting system, when the engine start after the normal power supply, battery will collect and store electricity, for later use. The car battery can be roughly divided into: and the general and maintenance-free battery ( Not free maintenance) Two types of battery consists of ordinary, dry battery charge battery and three types of maintenance free storage battery. One in all of us are familiar with basic is ordinary passenger car to use battery storage battery and maintenance-free battery, two classes. Sales on the market at present most of the models are adopted and maintenance-free battery, and the majority of Japanese, even including those lexus and infiniti high-grade Japanese are also USES the free maintenance battery, also is the common battery. Ordinary battery, also known as lead-acid battery, the electrode is made up of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution. The main advantage is that the voltage stability, the price is cheap; Defect is lower than can ( The battery storage of electricity per kg) , short service life and maintenance frequency. Old-fashioned common battery life in 2 years, and to periodically check the height of the electrolyte and add distilled water. But with the development of science and technology, the current average battery life longer and maintenance easier. As for the shortcomings, it is common battery price also begins to be expensive. Maintenance-free storage battery, as the name suggests the biggest characteristics is & other; Free maintenance & throughout; 。 And ordinary than its electrolyte battery consumption is very small, in the service life of the basic don't need to add distilled water. It also has a shock resistant, high temperature resistant, small volume, the characteristics of uniformity. Relatively, of course, it also is more expensive than ordinary battery. As for the service life, maintenance free storage battery normally suggest replacement cycle for 3 years or so, and common battery.
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