The role of batteries on the grid

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

  The impact of batteries on the power grid

The impact of    batteries on the power grid. In order to ensure that the grid is out of power, UPS power can also be used to continue to provide high-quality power to the computer, and battery backup equipment is particularly important. 'When the load is not allowed in the power supply, the UPS battery backup time in the communication room should be greater than the time required from the power interruption to the recovery of the generator set or the normal power supply (the front-end power supply system is equipped with a generator set). If this period of time is long, a battery pack with a long delay should be equipped, but at this time, it should be realized that the internal rectifier of the UPS can be charged by connecting the large-capacity battery pack to the outside, otherwise it should be equipped with an external charger. Because the battery temperature is too high, the battery loses water, so that the electrolyte is continuously concentrated and the battery capacity decreases. The structure of the board, the size of the discharge current, the temperature of the electrolyte and the density of the electrolyte are most affected by the charge, discharge current and air temperature. If the charge and discharge current is too large, the active material on the board will change in appearance, and the capacity will be greatly reduced. The decrease in temperature will cause poor electrolyte flow, shorten the board, slow chemical changes, and increase the internal resistance of the battery. 'If the temperature is reduced by 1°C at 30°C, the capacity will drop by about 1% and the internal resistance will increase.

  'Therefore, in cold areas, when the temperature is lower than -20℃, the capacity has dropped to 60%, the internal resistance increases, the engine often fails to start, and the battery power is often felt insufficient. Cold regions are prone to excessive emissions, while temperate regions tend to charge too much. Therefore, in order to make better use of the battery, it is necessary to grasp the law of its application according to the local climatic conditions and actual conditions. The selection of battery capacity should follow the following standards: the battery must supply power to the inverter during the backup time, and the voltage of the battery pack should not be lower than the low voltage promised by the inverter under the rated load. When arranging equipment in the computer room, try to keep the battery pack close to the UPS host, shorten the length of the two lines, increase the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe connection, and reduce the self-inductance of the connection line and the voltage drop of the line below. 'The battery pack can be installed in a battery cabinet or an open battery rack, the former is very beautiful. It is neat and tidy, but the floor has higher load-bearing requirements. The latter can disperse load-bearing and has good heat dissipation, but it covers a large area and is easy to collect dust, which brings inconvenience to maintenance. Contact: Power Kingdom


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