The role of batteries in uninterruptible power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  The impact of battery on uninterruptible power supply


   Maintenance-free energy storage battery is one of the company's application products in many fields. In 2014, it faced fierce competition in the battery industry trend. Yang Bai, manager of the theme battery sales center, emphasized that colleagues who master product quality sell products to consumers at the lowest factory price, so that consumers have a deep understanding of the inner beauty of electric batteries.


  Battery parameter characteristics


  1. Simple maintenance: The gas generated inside the battery is basically absorbed and reduced to electrolyte during charging, and there is basically no electrolyte reduction.


  2, the high electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator and kept from flowing, so it can be used even if it falls. (It cannot be used when it falls over 90 degrees).


   Excellent safety performance: Due to extremely high charging errors, excessive gas will be released to prevent the battery from breaking.


  4, minimum self-discharge: The grid is made of a special lead-calcium alloy, and self-discharge is kept to a minimum.


  5. Long battery life (design life 3-6 years), good economy: the battery grid has good corrosion resistance of special lead-calcium alloy, and special insulation The plate protects the electrolyte, and at the same time, it strongly compresses the positive electrode active material to prevent it from falling off. It is a long-life and economical battery.


  6. Small internal resistance: Due to the small internal resistance, large current discharge characteristics are good.


   7. It has excellent resilience after deep discharge: in the case of long-term discharge, as long as it is fully charged, it will basically not reduce the capacity, and it can be recovered quickly. With such advantages, coupled with preferential battery policies, I believe that consumers’ eyes are bright.


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