The role of batteries in a stand-alone photovoltaic system

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
In an independent photovoltaic system, the main function of the battery is to store energy. When the photovoltaic array cannot provide enough energy at night or under cloudy conditions, the battery supplies the load to ensure the normal operation of the system.   There are many types of batteries, mainly lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc. At present, due to factors such as product technology maturity and cost, some small and simple independent photovoltaic systems use nickel-metal hydride batteries, but they are less applied; most independent photovoltaic systems use lead-acid batteries, which are widely used. The country has also formulated the GB/T22473-2008 'Lead-acid battery for energy storage' standard to regulate the requirements of this type of lead-acid battery products. The following content of this article is based on lead-acid batteries. For the battery capacity of an independent photovoltaic system, it is necessary to ensure that the load can continue to work normally for a certain period of time when the sun is continuously lower than the average; the battery capacity selection is related to many factors, mainly including daily load demand and maximum battery discharge Depth, number of days of independent operation, and ambient temperature of the installation site.
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