The relationship between the internal resistance of the battery and the state of charge

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
The state of charge SOC of a battery refers to the ratio of the capacity that the battery can discharge to its rated capacity. This data is very important for the power supply system of post and telecommunications and the power battery pack being used. In 1992, David O Feder published the test and statistical results of VRLA with MIDTrONic Celltron and Midtron conductivity tester. Figure 1 shows the distribution of the discharge time of 336 1000Ah sealed lead-acid batteries discharged to 1.80 V with 263 A and the battery conductance (the inverse of the internal resistance). It can be seen that there is a linear correlation between them, the correlation coefficient R2u003d0.825. 12V4AH batteries have therefore proposed that for valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries used online, the measured conductance value can be used to infer their remaining capacity. Although more than ten years ago, based on objective reality, I had repeatedly put forward negative views on this point of view, which was later recognized by many peer experts. But today, there are still some people who have not tried and quoted the above-mentioned outdated views without hesitation, so I will revisit the 'crisis' of the above-mentioned views.
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