The relationship between automobile motorcycle production and lead battery-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-19
July, according to the China association of automobile manufacturers, automobile production and sales year-on-year growth remains, but dropped slightly. Car produced in July 143. 710000 cars, up 10%, dropped 6. 2%; Total sales of 137. 940000, year-on-year increase in 8. 2%, dropped 12. Than just 6%, with production and sales for 95. 98%, its lowest level since January 2011, shows that at present, both at home and abroad under the background of economic growth is slowing, car sales situation is not optimistic. This type for the car starting lead battery manufacturers of end demand poses challenges. According to each car with 12 v, 100 ah lead-acid batteries, car production, fell in July 9. 420000 cars, this will directly reduce the 11. Form a complete set of 30000 KVAH lead battery needs. At the same time, the motorcycle industry into the production and sales of season also in July. Motorcycle production and sales of 191 in July were done. 570000 and 1. 91 million, below the level this year is mean monthly production and marketing, 4 lower than last month. 7% and 5. 1%, year-on-year decline in 13. 2% and 12. 3%. According to each motorcycle are equipped with 12 v, 9 ah lead-acid batteries, motorcycle manufacturing, fell in July 9. 540000 will directly reduced by 1. Form a complete set of 030000 KVAH lead battery needs.
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