The reason why the lead-acid battery cannot reach the designed life cycle

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

The reason why lead-acid batteries cannot reach the design life cycle:

Although the overall design and application level of lead-acid batteries has been greatly improved than before, its characteristics have been greatly improved. Improvement, many design schemes and excellent materials used in maintenance-free lead-acid batteries have a theoretical floating charge service life of more than 15-20 years, but the actual service life of this type of battery rechargeable battery may be very small. For lead-acid batteries widely used in automobiles and motorcycles, the design service life is more than 4-5 years. Studies have found that maintenance-free storage batteries rarely reach the above-mentioned level. Most of them have died in a few months to a year. The reasons are as follows:

(1) The battery charger The design scheme is not perfect and the application is inconvenient.

(2) Lead-acid batteries cannot be charged immediately after being charged and discharged, which is extremely fatal to the batteries.

(3) The product quality of a few manufacturers is poor and false.

General reasons for damage to car batteries

1. The electrolyte surface of lithium batteries is smaller than the electrode plate electrolyte membrane exposed to the liquid surface, which is exposed to gas and air oxidation. During the entire driving process, the electrolyte of the lithium battery rises and falls, and the part of the air in contact with the electrode plate oxidizes, causing the electrode plate to vulcanize.

2. The electrolyte of the lithium battery contains residues, mainly due to insufficient pure water. When configuring the electrolyte, use stainless steel containers such as copper and iron. This kind of residue in the battery will produce a small power supply circuit, so that the battery accelerates the automatic charging and discharging.

3. Do not wash and maintain immediately, the overflow lithium battery electrolyte is deposited on the back cover for a long time, causing corrosion of the pole stack and entrainment, resulting in the metal oxide channel on the back cover, and the battery of the electric sightseeing car , Self-charging and charging and discharging appear.

Short-circuit fault conditions of lead-acid batteries

1. The open circuit voltage is low, and the closed circuit working voltage (charge and discharge) can quickly stop the working voltage.

2. The DC voltage is charged and discharged, and the DC voltage drops to zero quickly.

3. The relative density of lithium battery electrolyte is very low in advance.

4. When the battery is charging, the working voltage increases slowly, keeps a low value, and is easy to consume (sometimes to zero).

When the battery is charging, the electrolyte temperature rises rapidly.

6. When the battery is charged, the relative density of the lithium battery electrolyte increases slowly or basically unchanged.

7. When the battery is charging, there is no air bubbles or smoke at night.

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