The reason of influence the service life of the lead-acid battery -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
Make the lead-acid battery plate produces lead sulfide crystallization has many reasons, the longest is the battery is not in use for a long term. Whether or not seal or no seal battery, all be scrapped due to various reasons, can make its recovery. Again as serious before discharge, also can make the lead-acid battery plate area produces lead sulfide crystallization and scrap, such as forget to turn off the lights, the whole night, for motorcycle battery can be deadly. Anatomy of these fully sealed lead-acid battery, can see the white lead sulfate crystallization has two plate tightly together, pull all does not open, two volts (as per the original 12 v battery is made up of 6 g series) , now close to zero volts. Developed in order to prolong the life of the lead-acid battery, battery protector, battery prolong life, it is in the battery-powered electronic products on both ends of the battery, it is a low energy consumption. Affect the service life of the lead-acid battery has been blamed on two aspects: 1) Lead-acid battery in the environmental temperature changes have strict requirements on the charging device. Because of shortfalls in the past charging equipment in the design, thus affecting the normal service life of the battery. 2) Lead-acid battery discharge, due to the use of the charging equipment is not convenient in the past, the user cannot promptly to the battery supply electricity, its damage is has greatly shorten the life of the battery.
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