The problem of battery maintenance in power system

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

  The battery is an important part of the DC power supply system in the power supply system. As a type of DC power supply, the battery is mainly responsible for providing safe, stable and reliable power protection for the secondary system load of the power system, ensuring relay protection and communication The normal operation of the equipment, therefore, the stability of the battery and the actual capacity that can be provided to the load during the discharge process are of great significance to ensure the safe operation of the power equipment.

   However, after a period of use, the capacity of the battery will often decrease due to factors such as active material shedding, grid corrosion, plate deformation, vulcanization, etc., until it fails. Therefore, it is the job of most battery maintenance personnel to find out the backward batteries and deal with them to eliminate hidden dangers. In the past few decades, we have used acid-resistant flameproof lead-acid batteries and accumulated some experience. However, due to the cumbersome maintenance method of the battery, it has been replaced by a valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery (VRLA). No water is added, flexible installation, small footprint and no acid mist.

   In recent years, due to the widespread use of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, more and more manufacturers of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries in China, the production scale and technical level are uneven Qi, there are many problems. In the early 1990s, there were many unprecedented new problems in the use of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries in China. However, because it is a new technology, some failure causes have not yet been fully grasped. Only effective maintenance management methods can be established. In order to avoid major hidden dangers.

   After five years of battery use, is it sure that it can’t work? Will the battery that has been used for half a year work? Must the battery provided by the battery supplier be good? Why do batteries and batteries need to be tested and monitored online regularly?

   a dozen or even dozens of batteries are connected in series. As long as one part is damaged prematurely, if it is not found in time, other batteries will be scrapped within a long time.

   The above two kinds of batteries are less affected by temperature and can overcome the early capacity loss of the above three kinds of batteries. They have the following advantages:

   (1) Use a special non-liquid non-binding electrolyte to increase the assembly pressure (pressure on the surface of the positive plate), the assembly pressure is 25×60Kp, to suppress the softening and shedding of the active material of the positive plate, and a reasonable control valve , Increase oxygen compounds, reduce water consumption, and significantly improve battery life.

   (2) The use of a special grid structure (mass ratio of positive and negative grids 1:0.75), process methods and material formulations, organic and inorganic additives, microporous grid The formation increases the reaction interface between the electrode and the electrolyte, reduces the contact resistance, reduces the polarization of the electrode, greatly improves the utilization rate of the electrode active material, improves the charging efficiency, improves the battery discharge and output power, and is effective Ground extends battery life and comprehensively improves battery performance.

   (3) The positive grid uses a combination of Pb-Ca-Sn-Al-Sb-Zn-Cd alloys, and the negative grid uses lead calcium tin aluminum high hydrogen The grid of overpotential material and the electrode plate formed by coating paste have large capacity and long life. Lead-tin multi-element alloy current collector, low internal resistance, corrosion resistance, can withstand long-term floating charge use, analysis of pure electrode electrolyte, low self-discharge.

   (4) Adopt new technology, improve the grid material formula, improve the creep resistance and corrosion resistance, and appropriately increase the Sn and Ag content in the Pb-Ca alloy. Improve creep resistance.

   (5) Low-resistance porous PE separator is used, and the electrode plate design should leave a rich space in the battery shell, so that the acid does not overflow, pollute the environment, or corrode The equipment parts can perform gas cathode absorption smoothly. Increasing the pressure of the pole group and tightly fitting can extend the life of the battery.

  (6) The battery shell cover adopts a labyrinth-type specially designed breather valve and special additives to reduce the loss of water.

   (7) The use of appropriate additives is conducive to maintaining the normal charge state of the negative electrode, avoiding the negative electrode vulcanization and reducing the self-discharge of the negative electrode. Therefore, while maintaining the normal charge state of the negative electrode, the polarization potential of the positive electrode is also reduced, thereby reducing the corrosion rate of the positive electrode grid, which is beneficial to prolonging the life. Contact: 18038382979


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