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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
In recent years, China's new energy automotive industry usher in rapid growth, has become a global big market in the new energy automotive industry. However, with large quantities of new energy vehicles to market, following the flow of waste batteries and recycling problem has caused wide public concern. Once the power battery & quot; Scrap tide & quot; Come, we must have a relatively perfect plan to deal with, or energy conservation and environmental protection new energy automotive industry will likely suffer & quot; Itself & quot; 。 Used batteries and dismantling process is complex and has the security hidden danger due to domestic battery is not uniform in size and structure of specification can be according to the laws and regulations, at present the domestic battery manufacturers ensemble sexuals. Because of the battery system design is completely different, so I can't use the same set of dismantling lines, cause the battery apart extremely inconvenient. If you want to automate and dismantling, that face now have different size and shape of the battery pack and module, requires a high degree of flexibility of production line, resulting in high cost of disposal. Now basically is to rely on domestic artificial disassemble, the skill levels of workers directly affects the efficiency of battery recycling process. At the same time, because the battery pack itself has high energy, short circuit, leakage may occur all sorts of security problems, such as, in turn, may cause a fire or explosion, causing casualties and property losses. Therefore, we need to carefully study the battery pack dismantling process safety and efficiency. Battery residual life evaluation of automobile power battery and battery status cannot system in the new arrangement in use, must pass a quality inspection, including safety evaluation, cycle life test and so on, then batteries sorting grade, can be reused after restructuring. However, if the power battery during the service without complete data record, recycling process in battery life prediction, the accuracy may fall, battery can not guarantee the consistency and test equipment, test cost at the same time, test time, analysis, modeling and other costs will increase. Due to different battery internal resistance characteristic, electrochemical characteristics and thermal characteristic of the same, no consistency and reliability of the battery may not guarantee, if some problems of the battery in the process of screening is not check out, and be used again, can increase the risk of other the safety of the battery system. So, how to rapidly and accurately detection, is the key to this kind of case cascade utilization. Battery system integration technology is not mature because of the connection between the batteries are usually laser welding or other rigid connection technology, hard to do nondestructive disassembly, power battery cascade utilization is the most reasonable and dismantling to level module. However, different batches or even different manufacturer production of battery module, to achieve a mixture in the same system, to consider and solve the following system integration technology & ndash; — Grouping techniques: according to the material system, parameters such as capacity, internal resistance, residual cycle life, back to the battery modules are grouped and establish the database. If want reasonable grouping parameter setting, parameter setting range is too big, module large discreteness, group for the system, the impact on system performance and life; If the parameters set range is too small, grouping is too strict, can lead to less module can match, and system integration. System flexible design: design system structure need to fully consider the different modules can be parallel of size, weight, and number, so when the design should be in the space has the very big flexibility, to compatible with different modules, fixed way should not only consider the tightness and reliability, and to consider the elastic and facilitate rapid loading and unloading. Poor battery recycling economy is the so-called, man without thought, will. So is the development of an industry. As is known to all, China's new energy automobile development speed, even someone with & quot; The great leap forward & quot; To describe. Fortunately, more and more people see with the enterprise in the process of the development of new energy vehicles, saw the concern, among them, the power battery recycling is the whole industry have to face the shortcomings. Must first be preprocessing before car power battery recycling, including discharge, dismantling, grinding, sorting. After dismantling of plastic and metal shell can be recycled, but costly, because the residual voltage is still as high as several hundred volts has certain danger; Battery shell to security needs, encapsulated in the since the disassembly, in the form of open is quite time-consuming. In terms of pre-treatment, must be financed. Even the lithium battery, anode material also is varied, the mainstream is cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium cobalt, nickel manganese acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, etc. Leaching with acid and alkali solution, and then through a variety of chemical process, extraction of metal oxide. But the oxide component extraction conditions of different mixture is more difficult. In advance according to classify the battery cathode material, and the cost is not low. The positive metal recycling, is already a battery recycling industry in one of the most profitable segment.
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