The peak season for power-type lead-acid batteries is approaching, and there is no significant increase in corporate orders

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
According to the situation of previous years, the power-type lead battery industry will gradually enter the peak demand season in mid-to-late June, but the situation is different this year. Many companies have reported that there has been no significant increase in orders for power-type lead battery companies so far. It is reported that at this time last year, due to a large number of lead-acid battery companies being shut down during environmental inspections, the market for lead-acid batteries is in short supply. Since late June, some small manufacturers have raised battery ex-factory prices. In early July, major manufacturers have also begun to raise battery prices one after another. , An increase of nearly 15%. However, the situation this year is far worse than last year. So far, only a few companies have reported that the battery order situation in June has slightly improved compared to May, and most companies have not made a significant improvement.  According to corporate reports, terminal consumption has been weak this year, so many battery manufacturers have insufficient orders. Although some companies are still in production, the finished battery products have not been completely sold, and a lot of finished product inventories have accumulated within the company. Although all companies are looking forward to the peak season of power-type lead battery companies in the third quarter, they can digest company inventory and stimulate companies to start construction. But so far there is no obvious sign.
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