The new material is the key - energy storage battery development-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-21
In fact, the progress of energy storage technology will profoundly change our life. Daily life essential cell phone, computer, electric vehicles, cannot leave the application of energy storage battery, the recycled secondary battery has become the main work in the modern era of portable power supply. To achieve energy storage scale application, to reduce the storage cost, its key lies in the crack energy storage battery technical problems such as safety, cycle life. These technical breakthrough is the precondition of energy storage to realize industrialization. Have expert proposal, on the basis of the development of energy storage research and development at the same time, to constantly explore and master the international advanced technology, maintain and improve the competitiveness of the domestic energy storage vendor technology. In addition, can also support the enterprise through investment, cooperation, acquisition and integration of international advanced energy storage technology, increasing domestic energy storage technology maturity. From raw materials, production technology, management system and so on each link, promote the development of domestic energy storage technology. Standard not perfect is a bottleneck restricting the development of energy storage industry in China. Renewable energy grid for client applications, energy storage technology can play a load frequency control, scheduling, forecasting, smooth, and so on. At present, the energy storage technology and related policy mechanism is not perfect, lack of client economic benefit quantitative qualitative research, there is no uniform industry standard, so bad to do a cost comparison. Enterprise top, top users can consult, should access standards as soon as possible, avoid the phenomenon of standard lag the market, strive for more say in the international standard. Obviously, a breakthrough in energy storage materials processing technology, reduce the cost of energy storage batteries, energy storage is the key to realize industrialization. To this, some experts suggest two points: one is the related research institutions and enterprises should attach great importance to the development of energy storage materials key technology, strengthening basic research foundation of the energy storage technology, to master the core technology; The second is to make the country intensify protection of energy storage technology of intellectual property rights and a corresponding preferential policies, more important is to set clear term industry development planning. Rare earth industry consolidation process will involve the macro state and the interests of the game between local government, local government, also involves between micro enterprise resource integration, the whole process is very complex, needs between the government and the enterprises to cooperate.
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