The necessity of UPS batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

Necessity of UPS battery

UPS power supply is the driving force to ensure the continuity of the power supply system and the safety factor of the power supply and distribution system. UPS switching power supply always plays a key role in safety precautions. important role. The battery is a key component of UPS. The battery is the driving force of the latter type of commercial insurance in the UPS switching power supply. The quality of the battery is directly related to whether the UPS works normally. According to the investigation and analysis, the analysis of safety accidents in which UPS power supply cannot all be normal power supply found that more than 50% of safety accidents are caused by common faults of the battery. The battery is the continuous increase in the safety accident rate of UPS switching power supply. It is not difficult to see the lifting operation of the battery Importance and urgency.

Long-life design scheme: the use of electronic computer precision design scheme, anti-corrosion calcium, lead-tin and other multi-alloy aluminum mesh, anti-corrosion raw material casing, high sealing performance, reflecting high efficiency, thus ensuring the long-term battery use.

High performance cost ratio: batteries have high performance, long service life and very low maintenance costs, providing customers with affordable products.

Long-term use: High toughness and compact machining technology to enhance the compactness of the rechargeable battery assembly line, avoid active decline, and improve battery life. The low-acid ratio hydraulic pressure increases the battery charging capacity and improves the working capacity of the battery charging and discharging cycle system; the acid content design scheme of the battery is increased to ensure that the battery is not easy to reduce the service life of the battery due to the lack of electrolyte; therefore, all conventional batteries The float design can be used for more than 7 years (25c)

High-power charging and high-quality discharge characteristics: high toughness machining technology, small battery internal resistance, high current charge and discharge characteristics, high quality, better than normal charging The battery is 20% higher.

Low self-discharge: high-purity raw materials and unique processing technology, lithium battery life is not long, indoor temperature storage most of the time does not need to be supplemented.

Maintenance and maintenance are simple and clear: the unique design of the CO2 digestion and absorption cycle system, the application of the battery in the whole process during the whole process of battery charging and lack of water, in the application of lithium battery electrolyte water Basically there is no change, so the application of rechargeable batteries in the whole process-no moisture, easy maintenance and maintenance.

High safety factor: The rechargeable battery is equipped with a special valve, which can reasonably protect the external flame and is not easy to cause internal accidents of the rechargeable battery.

Simple installation: rechargeable battery column type, side sleeping, stackable installation, small installation space, flexible and convenient.

Clean and environmental protection: The application of rechargeable batteries is not easy to cause organic gas, the corrosion resistance to the surrounding environment and the design of supporting facilities can be installed in the office or facility immediately, and it is not used as an anti-corrosion liquid.

Small internal resistance: Due to the smaller resistance, the larger the charge and discharge current, the better the characteristics.

It has good repair characteristics after deep charging and discharging. The combination of long-term charging and discharging and charging is not conducive to rechargeable batteries. However, under charging conditions, such as full charging, the base will not reduce the capacity and can quickly repair.

It is recommended to conduct regular inspections and maintenance.

(1) During the entire float charging process, the total working voltage of the entire set of rechargeable batteries must be accurately measured, such as the irregular (or incorrect) readout value of the charger device, in order to find all normal The reason for the deviation of the working voltage category. When the total working voltage is lower than the working voltage, the rechargeable battery is not enough to reduce the volume. When the total working voltage is higher than all normal working voltages, the volume of the rechargeable battery will be damaged due to overcharging, which may result in uncontrollable heat.

(2) Check all abnormal conditions of the rechargeable battery. If there is damage (such as cracks, deformation, lithium battery electrolyte leakage, etc.), replace the new rechargeable battery first. If dust is found, it should be cleaned. If an abnormal rechargeable battery is used again, it may reduce the number of batteries, leak the lithium battery electrolyte, smoke, and even cause a fire.

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