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by:Power Kingdom     2020-02-28
According to the degree of battery discharge relationship with the relative density, freezing point, in the cold region ( Below - 30℃) If the battery is not excessive discharge ( Winter is not more than 25%) Or sulfuric acid in the electrolyte without too much loss, the electrolyte will not freeze. 1, preventive measures are used correctly and timely maintenance battery, can keep the battery in good technical condition, prolong its service life, and at the same time to ensure the reliability of the work. In order to prevent the electrolyte is icy cold region, daily maintenance maintenance can take the following measures; ( 1) On a regular basis to determine the relative density of the electrolyte, if found that do not conform to the requirements of the local climate, to adjust in a timely manner. ( 2) Make the battery full charge condition. If one of the following phenomena, must supplement charge: (1) liquid electrolyte Qian under the density to 1. 20 below. Discharge more than 25%, (2) the winter summer discharge exceeds 50% (3) the lights dim than usual, says the power shortage. (4) the engine start (when he was unable to Is not a mechanical failure) ( 3) If electrolyte fluid level is too low, need to add distilled water, can only add distilled water before charging, and make the mixed water and electrolyte, as soon as possible to reduce the possibility of electrolyte is icy. ( 4) Not allowed the use of general industrial sulfuric acid and distilled water, because it contains impurities, will cause the battery to discharge, reduce the electric capacity of battery, will be corrosion plates, shorten the service life of the plate. In addition, if the density of the electrolyte is too low, in the cold region is also easy to freeze. ( 5) At temperatures below - 30 ℃, to prevent the electrolyte is icy, remove the battery can be placed indoors 2, ice storage battery electrolyte of loader choice of battery electric easy compared commonly big, factory of battery, the electrolyte density is relatively large, the purpose is to prevent the electrolyte freezes in the cold region, at the same time, also can be prevented when the sulfuric acid electrolyte after a small loss, cause the electrolyte density influence the battery capacity is too small. Thus, the main cause of loader battery electrolyte ice is: ( 1) In use process of battery, the sulfuric acid electrolyte loss too much, if only add distilled water can make the relative density of the electrolyte is not conform to the requirements of the local climate, resulting in the electrolyte to freeze. ( 2) In theory, the density of the electrolyte is to meet the requirements of the local climate. But if due to excessive battery discharge, can reduce because the electrolyte density, higher freezing point and freeze. ( 3) Added in distilled water, distilled water failed to mix with electrolyte, electrolyte caused by local temperature is too low, and therefore easy to freeze.
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