The main reason why motorcycle batteries do not store electricity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

The main reason why the motorcycle battery does not store electricity:

1. The rectifier is not matched.

2, the motor generating coil is damaged.

3. The rectifier is in poor contact with the battery or fuse.

4, the battery is damaged and self-discharge.

5. The whole vehicle line is faulty or the electric lock is turned off and it will release automatically.

6. The charging current of the rectifier is too high.

7. On motorcycles (charging switch during the day and night) or the bleeder resistor is damaged (there are few such switches in the car now, the main design is for the load hours during the day The charging current is small. The charging current is large when the headlights are turned on at night and the electricity load is large, which plays a role in protecting the battery. There are very few cars and there are generally not many.

8. The design of the lighting circuit is unreasonable (for example, the headlights used electric motor lighting before, but now they are changed to share battery lighting. The change of the circuit depends on the battery capacity and whether the bulb and charging current are properly matched. Many maintenance without electronic basis There are a lot of users who make random changes to users without considering whether the matching is reasonable, which leads to early scrapping of batteries.

9. The installed headlight brighteners are not compatible.

Extended information:

The use and maintenance of batteries need attention Some of the problems:

1. The battery will slowly discharge by itself until it is scrapped if it is not used for a long time. Therefore, the car should be started every certain time to charge the battery.

Another way is to unplug the two electrodes on the battery. Note that the positive and negative electrode wires must be unplugged from the electrode column. Negative wire, or remove the connection between the negative pole and the car chassis. Then unplug the other end with the positive mark (+). The battery has a certain service life and must be replaced at a certain period of time. The same should be followed when replacing it. However, when the electrode wire is connected, the order is exactly the opposite, first connect the positive electrode, then the negative electrode.

2. When the current meter pointer shows insufficient power storage, Recharge in time. The battery’s power can be reflected on the dashboard. Sometimes it is found that the power is not enough on the road, and the engine can’t start. As a temporary measure, you can ask other vehicles for help and use the batteries on their vehicles to start. For vehicles, connect the negative and negative electrodes of the two batteries, and the positive and positive electrodes.

3. The density of the electrolyte should be in accordance with the standards in different regions and different seasons. Adjustment.

4. Distilled water or special rehydration should be added when the electrolyte is deficient. Do not use pure drinking water instead. Because the pure water contains many trace elements, it will affect the battery Cause adverse effects.

5. When starting the car, uninterrupted use of the starter will cause the battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge. The correct way to use it is the time each time the car is started The total length is no more than 5 seconds, and the interval between restarts is no less than 15 seconds. In the case that the car still fails to start after multiple starts, the reason should be found from other aspects such as the circuit, the ignition coil or the oil circuit.

6. Always check whether the small holes on the battery cover are ventilated during daily driving. If the small holes on the battery cover are blocked, hydrogen gas will be generated. If the electrolyte cannot be discharged out, the battery shell will be broken when the electrolyte expands, which will affect the battery life.

7. Check the positive and negative levels of the battery for signs of oxidation. You can use hot water to pour the wire connection of the battery from time to time, clean it up with a copper wire brush, and apply butter.

8. Check each part of the circuit for aging or short circuit. Prevent the battery from being decommissioned early due to excessive discharge.

9. The storage battery is forbidden to be stored under power loss. If it is used up and recharged after a few days of inactivity, the plates are prone to sulfation and the capacity drops.

10. Regular inspection: regularly measure the voltage of a single battery. If the voltage of one of the batteries is lower, you should find a repair station for inspection or repair at this time to avoid damage. Two good batteries.

11. The designed load capacity of the electric bicycle is 75KG. Avoid carrying heavy objects. Please use your pedals to assist when starting and going uphill.

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