The main manifestation of the short-circuit phenomenon of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

The short-circuit phenomenon of lead-acid batteries is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) The open circuit voltage is low, and the closed circuit voltage (discharge) quickly reaches the end voltage.

(2) When the high current discharges, the terminal voltage drops to zero rapidly.

(3) When the circuit is open, the electrolyte density is very low, and the electrolyte will freeze in a low temperature environment.

(4) When charging, the voltage rises very slowly and always keeps a low value (sometimes it drops to zero).

(5) When charging, the temperature of the electrolyte rises very quickly.

(6) When charging, the electrolyte density rises very slowly or hardly changes.

(7) No bubbles or gas appear late when charging.

Maintenance methods for daily use of lead-acid batteries:

1. The surface of the battery must always be kept clean.

2. Do not let any foreign impurities fall into the battery.

3. The contact of the terminal must be reliable. If necessary, Vaseline can be applied. Do not over-tighten the terminal to ensure the cleanliness of the terminal and prevent the terminal from corroding.

4. Check the vent plug or the vent hole on the sealing cover. It must be kept unobstructed at all times to prevent blockage and explosion.

5. Pay attention to the height of the liquid level in the open battery, and add it regularly (pure water or distilled water), and don't let the plate and the separator show the liquid level.

6. The electrolyte must be adjusted to a normal height, and it can only be done when the battery is charged.

7. The electrolyte temperature shall not exceed 45℃ or refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

8. The charging current must not exceed the specified value. The general constant current charging current is, and the current during constant voltage current limiting charging is generally 0.25 C20.

9. Do not disassemble or assemble the indicator. If it is loose, you can use appropriate tools to imprison it in a clockwise direction.

10. Gradually check whether the electrolyte level of the battery is higher than the electrode plate by about 10-15mm. If there is no liquid, please add distilled water or pure water.

11. Do not disconnect the battery circuit when the engine is running.

12. Make sure that the terminals and the clamps are in good contact, and it is strictly forbidden to knock the battery terminals.

13. When charging the battery in the car, remove the positive and negative connecting wires of the battery on the car.

14. Do not connect the positive and negative cable connectors reversely, otherwise the electrical equipment of the vehicle will be damaged.

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