The main functions of the handheld battery internal resistance capacity analyzer

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
Main functions    1. It can measure the voltage, internal resistance, connection bar resistance and capacity of a single battery.  2. It can be tested offline or online, and the two test methods do not affect the test results.  3. It can automatically estimate the battery capacity, and can measure 2V, 6V, 12V and other specifications of batteries, with a range of 0-6000AH.  4. It has alarm functions such as wiring error, abnormal battery, and battery failure.  5, with automatic test, manual test, voltage test, retest and other test modes   6, can set 9 different battery parameter modes, convenient to test different types of batteries.  7. With analysis software, it can communicate with PC, and can analyze test data, including: voltage, internal resistance, connection resistance, capacity data table, histogram and battery change trend graph.   8. The historical data can be saved and managed dynamically and hierarchically according to the computer room/site name, battery pack name, battery model, type, manufacturer and installation date, so as to compare and recall the historical data at any time.
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