The main function of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

The reason why the forklift battery can maintain the reversible cycle system is that it can convert chemical energy into electrical energy for external power supply, and it can also convert electrical energy into chemical energy for storage. The entire process of battery work is the entire process of charging, that is, the entire process of conversion between mechanical energy and electromagnetic energy. When the battery is externally supplied, the mechanical energy is converted into electromagnetic energy, and the rechargeable battery is in the entire process of charging and discharging. The negative phase is lead plate, the lead plate is extreme lead dioxide, and 22-28% dilute hydrochloric acid is the conductive medium. The battery is a reversible DC voltage regulator. It is a power system of electrical equipment used in series with a generator set in a car.

The main functions of the battery include the following aspects:

1 When the engine is started, it supplies power to the starter and ignition system.

2 The power supply system of the generator set should be provided to the equipment of the power consuming unit without generating capacity or low working voltage.

3 There are more electric machine equipment connections. When the generator set is overweight, it helps the generator set power supply system.

4 The storage battery is not enough to store electricity. When the load of the generator set is small, the electromagnetic energy of the generator set can be converted into mechanical energy (that is, charging). In addition, the battery also has the effect of smoothing the working voltage of the grid. Lead-acid batteries are the key to Shengli Oilfield Company. It consists of a positive plate, a negative plate, a baffle plate, lithium battery electrolyte, a tank shell, and a connecting rod pile. When the battery and the external load are connected with charge and discharge, the PBO2 and Pb on the cathode plate become PBSO4, the H2SO4 in the electrolyte of the lithium battery decreases, and the density decreases. When the battery is charged in the reverse direction, the pbso4 on the positive and negative electrode plates is restored to the original pbo2 and pb, the hydrochloric acid in the electrolyte of the lithium battery increases, and the density increases.

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