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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-27
Maintenance free storage battery as the name suggests is not need to maintain the normal use it good if long time need not, the best two months added electricity a maintenance-free storage battery is the most taboo large current charging. Will cause water directly discarded batteries, car use maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, at present there are mainly two kinds, one kind is added electrolyte lead-acid batteries, one is free WeiHuXing battery. The length of maintenance-free lead-acid battery service life, depends not only on the structure and quality of the battery, and is closely related to the use and maintenance. General motors and maintenance-free lead-acid battery service life in 2 years, if proper care, can reach 3 to 4 years, equipped with sulfur removal equipment of lead-acid battery capacity restorer, even up to 6 years. When change garments according to the battery maintenance is very necessary at a time. Will free maintenance lead-acid battery when removed from the car, should open the cathode to the anode, while the contrary. The above information is from Hui industry through free maintenance lead-acid battery manufacturer wholeheartedly for you to provide the related introduction, if you want to know more information about free maintenance lead-acid battery, please our website or call us for details of service hotline we will be dedicated experts for you to do a detailed explanation and analysis. What are you waiting for? Hurriedly picked up the phone to make an appointment, telephone now come in have a lot of preferential oh!
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