The lead-acid battery industry is promising

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The main raw material of lead-acid batteries-lead can be recycled and used repeatedly. As long as the relevant industrial policies for the recycling of used batteries are introduced and the market is correctly guided, it can effectively solve the shortage of non-ferrous metals, lead pollution and other resource and environmental problems in China. Therefore, to correctly understand the status quo of the storage battery industry, grasp the development trend, and effectively solve its own problems is to recycle resources, build a conservation-oriented society, and an effective way to the scientific development of the national economy. There are many reasons for the lead-acid battery plate to produce lead sulfide crystals. The most common one is that the battery is left unused for a long time. The car could not catch fire when it was sold, and the battery was broken. The reason was that lead sulfide crystals had been formed on a large area on the plate. In order to extend the life of lead-acid batteries, battery protectors and battery life extenders were developed in 2005. They are electronic products that are connected to both ends of the battery and rely on battery power. They have low energy consumption.   Lead-acid battery-The structure of the starting battery is gradually optimized and upgraded. The maintenance-free battery is widely used and is still an important power supply device for military and civilian transportation equipment. It has played an important supporting role for my country to become a major automobile producer in the world. Valve-controlled batteries, gel batteries, etc., as the core components of backup power sources and large-scale reserve power sources, their production has become an important basic industry in the development of the national economy, and the lead-acid battery industry is promising.
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