The lead-acid batteries in the industry reshuffle tide - in our country-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
The access of the lead-acid battery industry admittance threshold, or in the industry reshuffle, industry leading enterprises will benefit. Lead-acid battery pollution problem has become the biggest obstacle restricting the development of the lead industry, in order to solve the problem, the personage inside course of study to advise, calling for the lead-acid battery industry access conditions (promulgated as soon as possible Hereinafter referred to as the 'access') 。 Aiming at safety distance in 'access', the industry there exist certain differences. It is understood that the access to new project from the total amount control, industry layout, technology and equipment, safety, and the overall technology put forward clear requirements, of which 500 meters is the safety protection distance between the first request, can not meet the standard enterprise will shut down. According to understand, even have relevant personage proposal protective distance should be further widened to 1000 meters, in addition, the lead-acid battery enterprise also should be reasonable pollutant emissions, and is advantageous to the environmental risk control and the improvement of technical level and competitiveness of the industry. 'Access' once started, the lead-acid battery industry will have a large number of enterprises in our country faces the choice of life and death. Eventually form a number of large enterprises, will the resources concentrated in the hands of powerful enterprises, make for improving the technology level of the whole industry.
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