The international exhibition of lead-acid battery opening multiple innovation lead-acid battery industry

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
2014 China international exhibition on lead-acid battery opened in Shanghai. In 2011 the environmental protection after the storm, lead-acid battery industry development has entered a new stage at present. China securities journal reporter in the interview, found that the lead-acid battery industry has gradually out of the first blind expansion, severe pollution road of development, industry leading enterprises have increased the innovation strength in the lead-acid battery products in succession, innovation and development, or to expect industry norms. It is reported, 2014 China international exhibition on lead-acid batteries by shenyang institute of storage battery and jointly organized by guangdong zhenwei international exhibition co. , LTD. , mainly for the full display lead-acid battery industry upstream and downstream industry chain of the latest products and technologies. The exhibition, science and technology, sail share fierce lion, and join the international, domestic and Hong Kong listed companies took part in the exhibition. Can be found in interviews with exhibitors, battery production enterprises are in many aspects, such as production technology, product variety, innovation, many enterprises have been adjust their own cell line, to adapt to the changes in the market. Products are mainly used for export overseas market of guangdong power fierce lion technology co. , LTD. , said the industry after the 2011 environmental protection after the storm, is slowly becoming normal development. Company business lead-acid battery research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in one, in the process of the listed company has invested heavily in the field of environmental protection, are currently conducting relevant environmental review. In addition, the lion science and technology, said the lead-acid storage battery as a mature cell technology has advantages in various aspects, the company will strive for perfection of related products. While Hong Kong listed companies join international high-end series lead-acid battery as the important development direction. According to the group finance director Johnny, the company AGM valve control type sealed lead acid battery, UPS and other products with high power series batteries have to realize innovation, become the development of the company. To join the international has already formed the shenzhen, dongguan, zhaoqing, five domestic regional production base in jiangsu, anhui, Malaysia, Sri Lanka two overseas production base. Company is expected to continue to enrich product type, and continue to improve the proportion of high-end products. In addition, according to the production of electrolyte is the most important part of six fluorine lithium phosphate material of zhejiang JuHua blue kay new material co. , LTD. , has said, the current domestic in high-end battery materials also have some breakthrough, as the chemical giant JuHua group company subordinate enterprises, JuHua blue kay in new materials especially in technology innovation has made breakthrough in some high-end materials. But in integrating or will still need lead-acid battery industry. Shanghai hai bao special power supply co. , LTD. , chairman of Shen Weixin just think, after consolidation, the development of the industry has become more reasonable, but before talking about profession benign development, the innovation breakthrough, the industry still need to work, in environmental protection, licensing the production of the rapid development of the industry still faces multiple problems.
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