The installation of solar battery considerations - Solar battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
Solar battery installation considerations: (1) The installation personnel ( Or teams) Receives the instructions of the installation, ready to relevant data, Manufacturers such as the battery installed, records, etc. ) And a full set of installation tools ( Including the multimeter, etc. ) And construction schedule, the implementation of the project start date. 2) The installation personnel ( Or teams) Should carry a small amount of spare parts system ( Such as screws, etc. ) Arrived at installation site, made a detailed installation schedule, discuss project details ( Such as installation, bearing, etc. ) 。 3) Before starting the installation, should organize the installation personnel ( Or teams) Training, this paper introduces the matters needing attention during the process of installation and battery usage and maintenance of the matters needing attention, the installation process must pay attention to safety. 4) The installation personnel ( Or teams) Inspection and counting of spare parts of battery box, packing list, please supervisor sign it and take back, fittings box installed battery system diagram, instructions and other documents receivable well, stay after installation to the communication of the company's technical staff responsible for safekeeping. 5) According to the construction drawings to check the location of the battery in the computer room is reasonable, whether reserved space maintenance, whether to place and the heat source and possible operations ( Such as fuse box, etc. ) Keep a 0. More than 5 meters distance, whether to put under the air conditioner, if does not conform to, you should ask for instructions communications engineering modification, modification has ever wants to have a memo. 6) Figure out to take out the battery system, should be in strict accordance with the system diagram for installation of the battery, do not allow the omissions of any system installation ( Including battery monomer number paste) , all system ( Spare parts) Installation drawing should be specified in the specifications. 7) The installation. Because the battery has been charged, attention should be paid to prevent it short out, insulating tape on all installation tools shall be bound. 8) Installation should be taken before connecting strip with a clean linen cloth to wipe the battery pole column and the shell and the dust on the steel, in particular to ensure clean the dust on the polar column. Single number to stick. 9) After installation to inspect all the screws are tight. To appoint someone to check, and employee to make sure that all the screws in a tight state. 10) Installed after the inspection, measuring and recording all the open circuit voltage of battery monomer and the voltage of battery pack, and fill out the installation TAB ( The installation of or other similar table) 。 11) If there is no mains, after installation should disconnect the battery and switch power supply and connection of microwave equipment. If for some reason can't disconnect device and batteries ( It is not allowed in principle, especially connection more does not allow for a long time) , should connect the two battery packs for all at the same time, do not allow only one group of cells, at the same time connect a starting time and equipment, the power consumption of current record. Whether or not made this connection, it must be to supplement the battery pack before the official opening electricity, supplementary electricity for monomer voltage of 2. 35 v/only, charging 12 hours. Otherwise the normal use of battery after the great harm. 12) Before battery and switch power supply connection, shall carefully check the switch power Settings are correct ( With reference to switch power set parameters table) To check the accuracy of setting. 13) After the installation, commissioning, fill out related forms in accordance with the requirements, check the battery case and record appearance, at the same time to check each connection screws have tightened, ensure the battery shockproof, anti-skid and reliable connection between cells. Measurement and float charging voltage and record every single cells, communications company technical personnel to sign, please.
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