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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-23
Battery maintenance work is necessary, whether it is manual operation and maintenance, or automatic monitoring and management, is in order to timely detect the abnormal failure or damage in individual cells battery charging and discharging performance of the equipment system fault, actively take corrective measures, to ensure the power system to run stably and reliably. Examination and maintenance can be divided into daily maintenance battery, quarterly maintenance and annual maintenance. 1 daily maintenance to ensure battery surface clean and dry; 2 often pay attention to the environment temperature and battery appearance of the battery system change; 3 check the battery online press float charging and float charging the battery pack ( Terminal voltage) And panel display controls, if necessary, to correct; 4 to ensure that the battery tank or the battery compartment clean, good ventilation and lighting. Visual inspection maintenance 2 quarter 1 battery outer surface cleanliness, shell and cover in good condition, battery appearance change such as presence of bulge deformation, battery without overheating trace; 2 each quarter in the unity of the battery system testing point, record the battery testing system of environment temperature and represents the average temperature of the system, and when the temperature is below or above 25 ℃, should adjust the temperature control system, such as not installed temperature control system, adjust to float charging voltage; 3 side, measure and record the battery floating voltage, and panel meter display value contrast, if there is a difference in a timely manner to find reasons to correct; 4, measure and record each cell in the system of float charging voltage, under normal circumstances should be within a certain range, if discovery is unusual, find out why be corrected; 5 do restorative discharge test, using dummy load or the actual load discharge, which cut off power supply, battery power supply. Found after individual battery capacity is low, the battery equalizing charge, still can't recover after equalizing charge capacity, low capacity battery to replace. 3 annual maintenance 1 repeat quarterly maintenance all content; 2 check all the connection point between the battery and ensure reliable connection fastening; 3 draws a few battery internal resistance test, because the battery internal resistance and capacity of wireless sex, so battery internal resistance can not be used to directly said battery capacity accurately, but the battery internal resistance can be used as battery & quot; Health & quot; State quality indicator.
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