The influencing factors of UPS battery life - Ups battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-23
Currently used UPS battery basically free maintenance lead-acid battery, its floating design life is generally up to 7 to 15 years, the service life of the lead-acid battery and discharge frequency, discharge depth, temperature, float charge voltage and discharge current has a direct relationship. ( 1) The depth of discharge and discharge times lead battery repeatedly a lot out of battery power, Deep discharge) Will shorten the battery life, life and the relationship between the depth of discharge and discharge times can be expressed in figure 1. ( 2) Working temperature floating when using the battery charging voltage is related to the environment temperature, when the temperature rises, the charging voltage should be reduced, in order to prevent the cause of charging; When the environment temperature decrease, charging voltage should be improved, in order to prevent the under charge, the relationship between temperature and charging voltage curve can be expressed in figure 2. Had a greater influence on the working temperature of the battery capacity, reduce capacity decreases in the temperature of the environment. 1 ℃ environment temperature changes when the battery capacity changes as the temperature coefficient of capacity, the curve of the temperature and volume can be expressed in figure 3. ( 3) Discharge current in order to prolong the service life of battery, battery discharging termination voltage and discharge current should be strictly controlled, lest produce discharge, discharge should be performed immediately after supplementary electricity, to help extend the service life of battery. Table 2 for the different discharge current recommended when discharging termination voltage value.
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