The influence of temperature on battery performance -, battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
It can be seen from the chemical reaction equation of lead-acid batteries that PbO2 is listed on the positive plate, and Pb is on the negative plate. The conductivity and physical properties of these two substances change very little with temperature. Therefore, it can be said that the temperature effect of the discharge performance of lead-acid batteries is caused by sulfuric acid, because only its activation properties (dissociation degree and ion migration speed) Related to temperature.   The high temperature of the sulfuric acid electrolyte of the lead storage battery will increase the capacity output, while the low temperature of the electrolyte will reduce the capacity output. The reason for this situation is that in addition to the temperature decrease, the solubility of lead sulfate in the sulfuric acid electrolyte will also decrease when the temperature decreases, which will inevitably saturate the lead ions around the plate and force the formation of sulfuric acid. Lead crystals are dense. This dense crystal prevents the active material from fully contacting the sulfuric acid electrolyte, thereby reducing the capacity output of the lead-acid battery. If the sulfuric acid electrolyte temperature is higher when the lead battery is discharged, this will reduce the supersaturation of the PbSO4 on the surface of the electrode plate in the sulfuric acid electrolyte, which is beneficial to the formation of loose lead sulfate crystals, which makes it produce coarse The solid PbO2 layer can prolong the service life of the active material of the plate. If the temperature of the electrolyte is too high during the charging of the lead storage battery, the diffusion of the electrolyte will be accelerated, and the corrosion of the plate grid will be intensified, which will shorten the service life of the lead storage battery.  Practice shows:   (1) When the lead battery is charged, as the temperature of the electrolyte increases, the corrosion of the electrode plates and the lead alloy grid increases.  (2) In lead storage batteries, the corrosion of the lead alloy grid of the positive plate is greater than that of the negative electrode.
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