The influence of - maintenance-free battery is in use-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
Battery is in use after a period of time is bound to have some active substances, if you don't timely activation active substance, is bound to some influence on the capacity of the battery, therefore, in the use of electric cars, to do a quarterly on the depth of battery discharge. Maintenance-free battery produces in the process of charging and large current discharge quantity of heat, heat is there will be water evaporation, while water evaporation process is slow, but over time, the amount of accumulated water evaporation can be reckoned. Therefore should give the battery hydrating every six months or so, so that the service life of the battery is extended. Lead-acid battery no memory, and so a rapid decline in capacity mainly sulfide and battery & other; Water & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Loss of electrical & throughout; Some reasons, such as storage battery is the most afraid of be & other; Loss of electrical & throughout; Under voltage, battery & other; Loss of electrical & throughout; , the battery plate is easily injured, reality is as high as 70% of the electric vehicle battery capacity to reduce electrode plates is discharge of strong current ( Starting current) Injury caused by ( Power in particular) Strained belongs to the battery electrode plates of physical damage, unable to repair the damage. The battery is not used for a long time for battery charging at least once a month the aim is to prevent the battery place time is too long and cause battery sulfide and & other Loss of electrical & throughout; 。
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