The influence of deep cycle on the life of lead-acid batteries and gel batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-26
Tags: How does deep cycle affect the life of lead-acid batteries and gel batteries? There are two situations when lead-acid batteries are used. One is floating charge, which is used for UPS power supply, emergency power supply, and backup power supply. The other is recycling, such as solar and wind energy systems. Floating charge, the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries is 5-10 years, and gel batteries are 8-15 years; the cycle life of ordinary lead-acid batteries can be roughly calculated on the basis of 100% DOD, for example, DOD is reduced by 20%, and cycle life is increased by one. Generally, 200 times of ordinary AGM, about 350 times of AGM deep circulation, 500-600 times of rich liquid deep circulation; 800 times of colloid, 1200 times of colloid 2V, each time the colloid is reduced by 20%, the cycle life will increase by about 25%;
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