The importance of battery application and maintenance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

The importance of battery application and maintenance:

The battery is called the power supply station of the car. The service life of the battery is generally about 2-3 years, and if it is properly applied and maintained, it can be used for more than 4 years. If the application and maintenance are poor, it will be damaged within a few months.

In the application of battery, it is necessary to maintain the aspect ratio of the battery electrolyte regularly, and regularly check and fill the storage state of the battery. The maintenance of the battery is very simple. The filling of the battery electrolyte, the cleaning of the battery and the poles, and the running ratio of the battery can improve the battery life cycle. Since the battery is generally used without maintenance, the battery is generally not maintained under all normal working conditions.

1. Clean the outside of the battery

(1) Check the fixed and fixed state of the battery and the pole transmission line clamp, and there must be no loose state.

(2) The outer shell of the battery must be inspected without cracks or damage, and the electrodes and fixtures must be free from ablation. Otherwise, the battery should be removed from the car for repair.

(3) Use a cloth to clean the dust on the outside of the battery. If the surface is full of battery electrolyte, wipe the dirt on the cloth or wash it with boiling water, and then wipe it with a cloth. Remove the dirt and metal oxides on the top of the pole, remove the electrode connecting wire and the outside of the pliers, remove the dirt on the wall, drain and cover the air port and clean. During installation, a layer is applied to the top of the rod and chuck to produce glycerin.

2. Detect the liquid level/width ratio in the battery

A glass tube with a diameter of 6-8mm and a length of about 150mm is inserted vertically into the cavity until the membrane The upper edge. The glass tube is then clamped on the upper part of the tube with your thumb. The width and width of the battery electrolyte in the glass tube are 10-15mm higher than the width, and then the battery electrolyte is put into the original single cell.

3. Fill the battery electrolyte

If the liquid level is too low, immediately fill the market with pure water or battery filling liquid, without drinking water, river or river water , To prevent the infiltration of residues, leading to common self-charge and discharge failures; there is no need to add battery electrolyte, otherwise it will increase the battery electrolyte concentration and reduce battery usage. Note that the electrolyte surface of the battery should not be too high to prevent the electrolyte from flowing out during the charging and discharging process, causing short circuit failure. By adjusting the liquid level to solve the charging problem of the battery in the clock, the pure water can be mixed with the original electrolyte. Otherwise, it is easy to freeze the battery in winter.

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