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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-04
“ Five-year & throughout; Planning also not forgotten the lead-acid battery industry, the country issued 'the comprehensive prevention and control of heavy metal pollution & other; Five-year & throughout; Programming '. The ministry to carry out this plan, set the lead battery industry out tasks for 7. 46 million kva, 2012. Thus it can be seen that for the determination of heavy metal pollution prevention, lead-acid battery industry merger and reorganization, the technology and equipment renewal will be inevitable. Released this year exposure draft of the lead battery industry access conditions, which, according to the construction and reconstruction of lead battery enterprises ( Project) After the completion of the same plant annual production capacity of not less than 500000 KVAh ( As single class 8 hour) ; The existing lead battery enterprises ( Project) In the same factory production capacity should not be less than 200000 KVAh; Existing goods the annual production capacity of plate project should not be less than 1 million KVAh. According to this condition, the elimination of lead battery industry will increase, most small and medium-sized enterprises will be forced to shut down. , ministry 'about strengthening lead battery and the regenerated lead industry pollution prevention work notice, last year eighty percent banned lead battery manufacturer, production fell by 20%. At the same time, three new national standard lead-acid battery industry through the review, the acid storage battery industry promote the sustainable development of health.
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