The hazards of using batteries in high temperature environments

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-23
Tags: Hazards of using batteries in high-temperature environments The general temperature of the battery is around -10℃-40℃, but the working environment in some high-temperature working areas may reach 50-60℃. What are the hazards of using batteries in this place? Life shortening or termination. Let’s start with what is the impact of high temperature on the capacity of the battery. Please see the following table: Ambient temperature -20℃-10℃0℃5℃10℃20℃25℃30℃40℃45℃ Battery capacity 12V50% 68%78%83%90%98%100%102%104%105% From the table, we can see that the higher the temperature, the greater the capacity of the battery. This can easily give the user a wrong message. In fact, the increase in the capacity of the battery at high temperature actually exists, but because the capacity increases, the life of the battery will be shortened. When the ambient temperature is high, the fluidity of the electrolyte will increase, and the chemical reaction will increase. The internal temperature of the battery will increase, which will convert a considerable part of the charging current into heat, which will cause the internal temperature of the battery to rise sharply, causing a vicious cycle and causing damage to the battery. The heat generated during charging cannot be diffused into the air in time, which accelerates the loss of electrolyte. At the same time, due to reasons such as the density of the battery case, the battery is prone to lose moisture through the case when the battery is in a high temperature and dry environment for a long time. Thermal runaway When the battery temperature is too high, thermal runaway will occur, and the battery generally generates heat during charging and discharging. When charging, the oxygen generated by the positive electrode reaches the negative electrode, and when it reacts with the textured lead of the negative electrode, a large amount of heat will be generated. If the operating environment temperature is high and the internal temperature of the battery cannot be removed, the battery will have thermal runaway and the battery will fail. The storage battery DC power supply equipment is an important control, signal, and power source of the power system, and it plays an important role in the safe operation of the power system. For this reason, timely control of the appropriate temperature in the battery room and effective management and maintenance in production practice play an important role in ensuring the reliable operation of the DC system and the safe operation of the power system.
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