The function of the microcomputer monitor of the charging device

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
The functions of the microcomputer monitor are as follows:    (1) Monitoring function.   1) Monitor the three-phase AC input voltage value and whether it is missing phase.   2) Monitor whether the voltage value of the DC bus is normal.  3) Whether the currents of the battery incoming line, charging incoming line and floating charge are normal.  (2) Self-diagnosis and display function.  1) The microcomputer monitor can diagnose internal circuit failures and abnormal operating conditions, and can send out audible and visual alarms.   2) The microcomputer monitor can control the display to display various parameters. Through the setting input key, various operating parameters can be set or modified.  (3) Control function.  1) Automatic charging function. The microcomputer monitor can control the charging device to automatically perform constant current and voltage limiting charging, constant voltage charging, floating charging, and entering normal operation state.   2) Regular charging function. According to the setting time, the microcomputer monitor will control the charging device to periodically and automatically charge the battery pack to ensure that the battery pack has the rated capacity at any time.  3) 'Three remotes' function. The remote dispatch center can control the operation mode of the DC power supply device through the 'three remote' interface.  4) Anti-interference function.
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