The five-point storage method of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy immediately. It is a battery designed to recharge the battery. The principle is: when the battery is charged, the external electromagnetic energy is used to reproduce the internal active materials, and the electromagnetic energy is stored as mechanical energy. It uses lead-based steel grids containing honeycomb lead as the negative stage, lead-based steel grids containing lead dioxide as the positive stage, and uses dilute hydrochloric acid with a relative concentration as the electrolyte. When the rechargeable battery is charged and discharged, the metal material lead has a negative value, which causes an oxidation-reduction reaction and is converted into lead sulfate. When the rechargeable battery is charged with an AC battery, the two parts are converted into lead hydroxide and lead dioxide. The 5-point storage method 1 of the battery. When storing the battery, it must be noted that the temperature of the battery does not exceed -20c40c.2. After disassembling the switching power supply, restore it to the state before charging and discharging to form a chemical battery. Lead-acid batteries can be continuously charged, charged and discharged, and their single working voltage is 2 volts. The rechargeable battery is composed of one or more lithium batteries, usually called 6 volts 2 volts, 4 volts, 8 volts, and 24 volts. For example, the storage battery (ie, battery) used in a car is six lead batteries connected in series to form a 12v lithium battery. This battery solution is aimed at traditional dry battery lead batteries (such as car dry batteries, motorcycle dry batteries, etc.) after using for a certain period of time, full of pure water to keep the relative density of the lithium-ion battery electrolyte up and down; for maintenance-free batteries, it is applied to the use Do not add pure water at the end of life.

The five-point storage method of the battery

1. When storing the battery, you must ensure that the rechargeable battery is stored with the battery fully charged. Because lithium battery life may damage part of the volume, due to internal reasons in transit or shelf life, please fill the power when applied.

3. In the case of long-term storage, in order to fill the life of the lithium battery during storage, please charge it. When stored above 40 degrees Celsius, it is very harmful to the number of battery cycles, please prevent!

4. Please store in a dry, ultra-low temperature and natural ventilation area.

5. If the rechargeable battery pack is accidentally wetted by water during the entire storage or migration process, the carton should be removed immediately to prevent the wet carton from becoming a conductor, causing the rechargeable battery to charge and discharge or burn the positive electrode.

Correct battery charging method

In order to check the common fault characteristics and level of the battery, accurately judge the technical condition of the battery, and detect the whole process of battery charging, Determine the common faults and faults of the battery according to the different performance of the battery. 2: In the case of purchasing batteries, it is necessary to prevent the manufacturer from compiling the wrong number on the brand logo, so you must see when buying, not only the logo, warranty date and product serial number are incomplete, but also to verify with the manufacturer to avoid being deceived.

When the battery is charged, the working voltage of the battery and the ratio of the electrolyte of the lithium battery follow a certain rule, and the temperature of the electrolyte of the lithium battery is not high. This shows that the technical condition of the battery is normal, and it is only overcharged and should be charged.

When the battery is charged, the single working voltage of the internally vulcanized battery rises and falls, and the electrolyte of the lithium battery is also higher. As the battery is recharged, the single working voltage drops to a few hours, and the battery slowly rises. good.

The internal vulcanized rubber battery is more serious, the single battery voltage will continue to work higher, the proportion of lithium battery electrolyte will not rise, and the battery will start to charge, the battery will foam.

Lithium battery electrolyte is turbid than ordinary batteries, the volume of the battery is reduced, the battery charging time is shortened, the battery electrolyte is burned, and the battery charging terminal status is improved. Self-charging and discharging batteries, the battery charging time is longer, and the lithium battery electrolyte ratio and DC voltage are slower.

If there is a serious short-circuit fault inside the battery, no matter how long the battery is charged, the electrolyte ratio and DC voltage of the lithium battery will not easily increase. There are no bubbles in the battery, and the lithium battery electrolyte is like a pool. Still water.

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