The first set of battery supply technical renovation project had been completed smoothly - screen-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-14
Because ShuLan 220 kv substation dc battery power supply for the first set of screen because of familial defects, and one of two sets of inverter power supply has been damaged, for improving the reliability of ShuLan 220 kv substation dc system, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of transformer substation, by department of jilin electric power supply company listed in the secondary equipment technological upgrading projects in 2012, on May 15, the technical renovation project completed, one-time acceptance in operation. Jilin electric power supply company substation maintenance work area power supply maintenance station undertook the first set of battery panel power supply panel change the technical renovation engineering tasks. On May 13, entering the construction site, the workers in strict accordance with the safety technical measures of construction requirements, the first to use the spare battery power plant will be the first set of dc power load instead of running them one by one, and repeatedly confirmed that no problem, only the first set of battery power supply panel removal work. After three days of tense, safe, orderly construction, technological transformation project completed on May 15, after strict acceptance by running the personnel, to invest as well. New the first set of dc power supply panel for Xu Ji power battery co. , LTD. , products, has been in the operation of the high praise. Of the device is put into operation will greatly improve the control station 220 kv substation dc system reliability of safe operation, for 220 kv substation ShuLan laid a foundation for safe and reliable operation.
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