The first mine rubber_tyred car battery won the national utility model patent -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-02-28
Designed and developed by the stone coal company explosion-proof mine rubber_tyred car battery is domestic first USES the lithium ion battery powered rubber-tyred vehicle, the vehicle has a light weight, no pollution, high reliability, maintenance workload small, etc. It is understood that the current coal mine used more for diesel engine driven, rubber_tyred car and diesel exhaust and noise is serious. Selects the lithium ion battery can reject lead-acid storage battery cost high, the shortcoming of short life, drive after using lithium ion batteries to drive, can make the rubber-tyred vehicle under the condition of the same weight have a higher life and range. The vehicle in the actual operation, the control device may adopt different according to the vehicle condition and traffic information such as the control strategy of realization of vehicle driving, infinitely variable speed, start climbing obstacle, electric braking, and other functions, and the system monitoring and protection. First explosion-proof battery itself in the same coal group mine rubber_tyred car during commissioning, under downhole to two class transporting miners well every day, running back and forth on a visit to 15 kilometers, 30 kilometers, two period without charge. Vehicle, low noise, no emissions, trouble-free operation.
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