The first battery mine trackless rubber tire vehicle won the national utility model patent

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
The explosion-proof battery mine trackless rubber-tyred vehicle designed and developed by Shimei Machinery Company is the first domestic rubber-tyred vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle has light weight, no exhaust gas pollution, high reliability, and small maintenance workload. advantage. It is understood that most of the trackless rubber-tired vehicles used in coal mines are driven by diesel engines, and the exhaust and noise of diesel engines are serious. The use of lithium-ion batteries can eliminate the disadvantages of high cost and short life of lead-acid batteries. After the driving device is driven by lithium-ion batteries, the rubber-tyred vehicle can have a higher service life and cruising range under the same weight. When the car is actually running, the control device can adopt different control strategies according to the information of the car and road conditions to realize the functions of starting, continuously variable transmission, climbing obstacles, electric braking, etc., and monitor and control the system. protection.   During the trial operation of the first explosion-proof battery trackless rubber-tyred vehicle in the Tashan Coal Mine of Tongmei Group, it carried miners underground with two shifts every day. Each trip traveled 15 kilometers back and forth, and the two trips totaled 30 kilometers. During the trial operation, no charging was required. The vehicle has low noise, no emissions, no troubles, and stable operation.
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