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by:Power Kingdom     2020-02-28
China attaches great importance to the solar battery research and development work, as early as the 7th period, amorphous silicon semiconductor research work has been included in the national major issue; During the eighth five-year and the ninth, China put the focus of the research and development in large area of solar battery, etc. In October 2003, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology to develop solar energy resources in the next five years development plan, development and reform commission (NDRC) & other; Light engineering & throughout; Will raise 10 billion yuan used to promote the application of solar power generation technology, by 2015 the total installed capacity of 300 megawatts of solar power generation system. At present, the core of the third industrial revolution is the new energy revolution, high efficiency solar battery technology as the key to raise the utilization ratio of solar energy, represents the advanced technology development direction, to the photovoltaic industry structural adjustment and sustainable development of our country has the important influence, should belong to the current development of one of the major technical. CIGS thin film solar technology, for example, has been listed as the state shall encourage energy conservation and carbon reduction of green environmental protection projects, become a national key support one of projects. Solar photovoltaic market increasingly wide application field, diversification, to meet the needs of a variety of photovoltaic products are also constantly ask the world, in addition to the large grid photovoltaic power station, combined with construction of photovoltaic power generation system, small solar system, off-grid photovoltaic system, etc. Also rapid rise. Solar battery and the declining cost of pv system and close to the conventional electricity costs, is still the theme of the photovoltaic industry development, and solar battery will continue to go on the way of high efficiency and low cost. Known as crystalline silicon is divided into single crystal and polycrystalline, the difference is that the silicon wafer. Monocrystalline silicon slice by pulling from polycrystalline silicon materials to form single crystal furnace rods after slicing, polycrystalline silicon slice is composed of polycrystalline silicon slice again after cast polysilicon ingot ingot furnace is made. However, at present the dominant or polycrystalline silicon cells photovoltaic market. The basic construction of solar battery is using p-type and n-type semiconductor junction. Is the most important parameters for the photoelectric conversion efficiency. In single crystal cell, the current research and development of n-type single crystal industrialization level is in 21% of the battery About 24%, P type single crystal domestic industrialization level in 18 of the battery. 7% - 19. About 2%, overseas in the 19th. 2% - About 20%. Polycrystalline battery industrialization level is 17% 17. About 5%.
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