The effect of temperature on the battery performanceLead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
Chemical reaction equation is visible from the lead-acid battery, positive plate listed PbO2, Pb is on the negative plate. Electrical conductivity and physical properties of the two substances have little change with temperature, so it can be said that the lead-acid battery discharge performance of temperature effect is caused by sulfuric acid, because only its activation performance ( Dissociation degree and speed of ion migration) Associated with temperature. Lead battery acid electrolyte temperature is high, the output capacity is much, electrolyte temperature is low, the output capacity is less. According to the reasons for this situation, besides due to temperature decrease, also due to the temperature falls, the solubility of lead sulfate in sulfuric acid electrolyte will also reduce, this must make the lead ions around plate caused by saturation, forced the formation of lead sulfate crystallization density, the density of crystalline block the active material and the sulfuric acid electrolyte full contact, so as to reduce the lead battery capacity output. Lead battery during discharge if sulfuric acid electrolyte temperature is higher, which makes the plate surface PbSO4 degree of supersaturation in the sulfuric acid electrolyte is reduced, and is beneficial to form a loose lead sulfate crystallization, in charge of make production bulky solid PbO2 layer, which can prolong the service life of plate active substances. Lead battery when charging if the electrolyte temperature is exorbitant, can quicken the diffusion of the electrolyte, plate board gate corrosion intensifies, thus shortening the service life of lead-acid batteries. Practice shows that: ( 1) Lead battery when charging, as the electrolyte temperature rise, plate and lead alloy board gate corrosion increases. ( 2) Lead battery, the positive plate lead alloy board gate corrosion than negative.
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