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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-25
Solar energy battery components function is to convert solar energy into electrical energy and supply work load or recharge batteries; The role of the controller is for battery charge and discharge protection; Batteries are used to store electrical energy; Is the role of inverter dc transform for alternating current (ac). At night or rainy day, the solar battery components will not work when the battery power supply to the load. The workings of a battery can be divided into recycling and use two kinds of floating. Often in frequent charging and discharging work state, namely recycling; Is often used in the charging state is floating, to make up for the loss caused by self-discharge of battery capacity. Photovoltaic power generation system in VRLA battery belong to recycled way. Composition of photovoltaic power generation system, solar off-grid power generation system is to use the principle of the photoelectric effect to convert solar energy into electrical energy power generation system, usually by the solar modules, controllers, batteries, dc/ac inverter, etc. Photovoltaic power generation system based on more remote remote mountain, plateau, the gobi, the natural environment is very bad, the work environment temperature change range is very large. The battery has the following requirements: (photovoltaic power generation system 1) Has a deep cycle discharge performance, charge and discharge cycle life is long; ( 2) Overcharge resistant capability is strong; ( 3) After discharge capacity recovery ability; ( 4) Good ability of charging to accept; ( 5) In a static environment using a battery, the electrolyte is not easy to layers; ( 6) The advantages of low free maintenance or maintenance performance; ( 7) Should have good charge and discharge characteristics of high and low temperature; ( 8) Able to adapt to the use of high altitude environment; ( 9) Good batteries in the battery.
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